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Missing File Manager

I have moved my music into a different folder on my hard drive, and itunes has no problems playing these tracks after I have moved them.  If I go into get info on itunes, it shows me "Where:" the file is, and it is the correct, new location.

Unfortunatly, when I view itunes in bridge in rekordbox, it shows me the old folder.  Somehow, rekordbox is not refreshing the id data from the mp3, and it's trying to find the old files.

I hit refresh about 50 times, didn't work.

And yes, I can relink each and every file, but I'm hoping that there is an easier way than going to "display all missing files" and finding the files for 10,000 different files.  If itunes has no problem with playing a song from the new location, how come rekordbox can't do this?


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