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Problem to display BPM on CDJ


I've a new issue using Rekordbox to export my musics to a USB stick then using it in CDJ-350. I've added new tracks to Rekordbox, then Analyse them, then transfert to USB then played them on CDJ-350 and the BPM doesn't apprear on the  CDJ (the rectangle is empty), while it's displayed correctly in the file tag whithin Rekordbox.

The previously imported files still display the BPM but not the new files... any clues ?

Also my guess was something to do with the zoom waveform (useless for me btw), so I've selected "analyse missing data" from an oldeer track, then I choose "retrive the waveform from collection" from the file in the USB stick, but it's lead to an error: "Could not retrieve the waveform from collection"... strange...

Luke Mos

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