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rekordbox has wiped my usb stick !!

right here goes my problem.

i was originally using external hard drives, but as they have so many tracks on, i decided to get usb sticks and put only the completely neccessary tracks on that i need for work to make searching quicker (lucky for me i take my external hard drives still as back up).

today i was erasing tracks out of my play list, and rekordbox, surprise surprise, decided to freeze on me.  Nothing irregular there then, as this always seems to happen anyway.  now here's the thing, my usb stick has now developed errors, and i fear i have lost all my tracks / data.  I had no problems with the usb stick previously, but it seems as tho rekordbox has somehow corrupted my usb.

I must make this clear - all my tracks have been scanned for errors prior to loading through rekordbox.  I also took the time to make sure there were no irregularities in the texts - no unusual characters that i would think could confuse the cdj display.

so my question is, what could have possible caused my usb stick to be corrupt after attempting to delete some tracks from my playlists?

usb sticks were brand new and have only been used for my cdjs - and they're not cheap crappy ones off ebay either !

darren barnes

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