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Rekordbox v2.0.2 doesn't export updated Artist field


I'm using Windows version of Rekordbox v2.0.2

I recently exported a playlist to USB, then went back and made some changes (new cue markers, etc)

I also noticed that the Artist name was incorrect, so I updated it and exported it again.

When I went to the CDJ2000Nexus, the new cue markers were there, but the Artist info was still wrong.

I then found where the tracks were stored on the USB and deleted them back on the PC and then exported again (was hoping that the MP3 file would be re-writtent to the USB).

Must admit, I was pretty horified when it wasn't !!

The only way for me to successfully update the track once it had been written the first time to the USB was delete the track off the USB and the entire PIONEER folder, then when I exported this time, the track was successfully exported.

Is this a feature that Rekordbox doesn't update the MP3 once you modify the ID3 tags and re-export?

To me it looks like a bug (and not a simple one to workaround without deleting everything and re-exporting)

Anyone else notice this problem?

Richard Bolt

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