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Making Folders with playlists Export Problem

So I made a set of 6 folders in the playlist column under each i made a playlist and exported the folder. worked fine. few days later i make another few playlists under those same folders... not wanting to have export the whole folder again i pressed export the playlist .. now this playlist doesnt show up under the folder i placed it in . it just shows up on its own ... so the only way i can keep that certain playlist i just made under the certain folder i placed it in, i need to export the whole folder again,..why???????????????????? that is a huge bug that needs to be fixed.... what if i have a folder with 96,000 playlists in it ..and i just want to add one more playlist to that folder without exporting the whole folder...well i cant ..so now i have to wait 64 days for it to export....wonderful tool pioneer

Mike Mitch

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