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Music folders on Rekordbox

Greetings from greece...

is it possible to view inside rekordbox my music folder and not make again new playist for?i allready areange my folders like i want...so it will take a lot of time to make again new folders

i am sorry for my english..i am new to rekordbox and i am trying to learn more...

thanks in advise

Giorgos Bozouris

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The only way to do it to make playlists/playlistfolders in Rekordbox. Or you can make "albums" of your folders after import like i do. Just mark the tracks from one folder after import, go to info/property and tag your foldername in to the album line. Then you can scroll trough your folders/albums in the genre/artist/album view tree in RB.

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Im a folderguy myself, i have no need for a total collection, so ofcourse i want folders!

Its so easy to keep track of what you want if you have folders with dates, names or just genres

as of now i have to put all my music in a collection "typical itunes" and i hate that, really, i try hard to migrate to this kind of setup and it works quite well, but it would help alot if you implemented the choice of how you could approach RB, themes, setup and preferences.

Question to Pulse or Gavin, whats the folderfunction on the usb for?, first you make a folder then you put your playlist, but the music dosent follow, how come? why isnt it enough just to make a playlist and drag n drop it on whatever source youd want and the music folows in a click of a button, instead of first make a playlist then export it to the usb, its kind a hassle, serious

And as some guys allready have pointed out, why do you have to analyze the files, if you used for instance MIK5 insteadm isnt there a way to "bridge" these programs, that would be a great help

Its real work of keeping track on your music as it is, dont need any more problems

And version 2.0.3 dont seem all to stable as of now, used 2.0.1 without any problems, but now i had several crashes, especially when exporting to different usb memorys, both new and older types, 2.0, 3.0 speed.

Rekordbox is a genious solution but it can be perfected!



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so there is no way to view my folders on my pc to rekordbox like they are right?

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