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Bug Report. Tagging Information Being Removed By RekordBox.

I use a tagging program to insert Tag information into my AIFF files...

Once i have setup the correct fields for my music i import into Rekordbox....

My next step is to organize my new music into playlists and then change the "Genre" Tag to be correct ... i.e.  Deep House..

The problem is that once i process this it removes my "Release Date" information from the Tagged AIFF..

It does not remove this data from the Rekordbox "Info Panel" but if i were to check the tags in an external program the "Release Date" tag has been removed.


Please can this be corrected in the next update... a simple fix i am sure




p.s The True TAG name for "Release Date" Is "Release Time"


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Are one of the Ops able to confirm this issue and add it to the Fix list Please







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