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Can i drag and drop my playlists from one USB to the socond USB in REKORDBOX

Hi there

last weekend i had a huge issue with my USB stick. Rekordbox cant read anymore my USB library. All the playlist was damaged after that i must delete the library of my USB stick. 

I build up my USB playlists as folders on my computer to have the same Music like on the USB as a backup, because you cant export playlists with the tracks as one unit.

Some questions to rekordbox to make my life easier:

  1. Why i cant drag and drop Playlist or Tracks from one USB to another USB inside rekordbox ???

  2. How i can copy my second USB completly to another USB with the same Playlists and Tracks ???


warm regards David Martini

David Martini

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  1. it is not implemented yet, hopefully they do soon

  2. use a cloning program to clone the drives, it's simple or simply copy the contents folder and hidden .pioneer folder from the completed drive to the new drive

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