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Rekordbox 2.0.3 - the "export window" disappears before exporting all the files!!!

I was exporting an entire folder to a usb flash drive via rekordbox.

It was a 3 levels folder (folder- folder-folder-playlists). All the playlists were previously created in Traktor pro (latest release), then imported into rekordbox (m3u). At the time the playlists were imported, all the tracks were already imported and analyzed in rekordbox! Approximately 170 mp3 tracks in all the playlists.


Rekordbox 2.0.3 - the "export window" disappears before exporting all the files!!!


After the exporting window has disappeared, rekordbox was acting strange. Every 10 seconds or so, the message "rekordbox is not responding" appeared in the top left corner of the software. After some research i figured out that rekordbox was still exporting files on the usb drive after that "export window" disappeared, and the message "rekordbox is not responding" appeared every time rb finished exporting a file.

I did not know at that time, so i thought the exporting process was finished and i plugged out the usb drive. Later I've realized some of the playlists on the usb drive were empty or missing some files.

Went back to the playlists in rb and noticed almost all files which were not exported (NOT ALL OF THEM) had this sign next to them


Grabbed those tracks again and dropped them on the specific playlist on the usb drive. Instead of showing the export windows,  the orange "analyzing percentage meter" showed next to the track:


Now i have a usb drive filled with corrupted files. What makes it even worse is that you cannot trust rb will export all your tracks included in the playlists.

A few months ago i've posted about this problem. That orange meter misled me into thinking that rekordbox was reanalyzing the tracks.


OS - Windows 7

Rekordbox 2.0.3

Marian Eugen

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@Marian > Have you updated to 2.0.7 and, if so, has this resolved your issue?

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Gavn, this happens in 2.0.7 also, I just had it happen to me (as well as other times) and I have reported it before, I right click on playlist and export all to a drive, it exports but no progress window ever pops up

you can see my external going nuts exporting but on RB nothing is showing the exporting and you cannot click on anything: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zx3OiO3qL4

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