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is there any way to have each track auto-cue to 1st red bar marker?

it seems like half of my tracks will load into my CDJ or rekordbox with the "red bar marker" a few seconds away from where the track actually auto-cues to.. typically, the majority of the time, there's a few seconds of silence after hitting play til when the track hit's it's 1st red bar marker.. this is very annoying to me, as I only begin and end every track (mostly) where the red bar markers are.. another half of the time, the track will "appear" as if it was loaded to the 1st red bar marker, but it takes me zooming in all the way on the CDJ to realize that the track actually auto-cue'd a few fractions before the red bar marker.. meaning that i have to physically use the jog wheel and re-cue the 1st cue point to the 1st red bar marker.. this can get very frustrating if you accidentally don't realize this right off the bat..


is there a way to fix this? please help!

Lud Papp

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You got 2 solution from me:

  1. you could edit the track with some software and remove the silence manually, until you think or want the track to start.

  2. you set a cue point at the red marker and

    a. if you own 2k nexus drives, you can set them to start from 1st cue point, or

    b. if you own 2k's or 900, you call that cue point when you load the track.

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