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Migrating database... Pain in the ass

Hi there

Let me explain : 

I just bought a new laptop (MacBook Air 11) and im trying to export my rekordbox cue points and loops from my old macbook pro to the new one.

im using itunes as main librairy, for rekordbox and serato.

Serato cues and loops are stored in ID3 tags, so no need to do anything, its automatically exported with my itunes collection.

About Rekordbox, i tried to "update collection"  : exported my playlist from my old macbook to my usb, and plugged that usb into the new macbook air, updated collection... but it failed

One important point : i didn't migrate all my itunes librairy, only my djs playlists. It means that my rekordbox database is now different in my MBPro than my MBAir. 

So my question is, in my case, is the migrating method from Gavin gonna work ? http://forums.pioneerdj.com/entries/20658308-Migrating-Your-Rekordbox-Database

My second question is why is it not possible to save the waveforms, cues, and loop to the ID3 tags ??? Now on rekordbox, the key is stored in ID3, so it must be possible to store as well the cues, and loops.

Well, now im back on serato, cuz i have no time to waste to set up again more than 1000 cue and loops.




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Why pioneer don't introduce a simple export/import collection mechanic instead of making us all jump through these hoops is beyond me.

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YES! I simply want to re-do my entire library mainly to cleanup the main database.edb file being it's a mess, all I want to do is export my playlists, delete the old database for a fresh start, import all my tracks and then import the playlist file I saved so they all re-appear, simple! there is no way to do this other then saving each playlist one by one

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