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Portable Hard drive questions

I am looking to purchase an external hard drive to connect straight to a laptop to play back and use to mix on traktor and or serato.  I also would use the portable hard drive to work with cdjs.  What should I look for?  

I see things like usb 3.0 which I know about but is thunderbolt the same concept just different technology?  

Are solid state drives found in laptops flash technology? If so then why do people not just purchase a 3.0 thumb drive 1terribyte instead of using an external portable hard drive that uses spindle 5400 or 7200?  

Please forgive me if I am way off I tried to do my own research but it's a little confusing.  Is there a reason why some portable hard drives say back up for instance there is a seagate back up portable hard drive and there is another seagate hard drive that is portable with the same specs but does not say back up is it the same concept or does hard drives that say back up portable hard drives have something that lacks or has compared to regular portable hard drives that don't say back up portable hard drives?  


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