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rekordbox iOS - a few questions

I just installed rekordbox on my iPhone and I see that I need to import the music into the app in order to make it playable.

If I transfer it from the computer to the iPhone I see that also the files are transferred. This doesn't make sense for me, because the iTunes music is already all in the iPhone so I would like to transfer the metadata only, like the beatgrids and cues. Is it possible to do that?

I see that I can analyze the tracks directly on the iPhone, but that again doesn't make sense because all my tracks are already analyzed and the beatgrids manually adjusted on my computer. The only solution that makes sense to me is to transfer only the metadata from computer to iPhone.

I noticed also that even though the phone was connected to the computer with the cable, rekordboy has a button to connect to the phone only with wi-fi. Is there a way to connect via apple cable rather than wifi? I think it should be faster and safer to transfer data with the cable rather than the wifi, at least in my case the wifi strength in the room with the computer is not very good, the iMac has a good wifi card and it always works nicely but the wifi on the iPhone is a bit hit and miss.

Later I imported one track to test in the iPhone directly from the library on the iPhone. When I connect it to the CDJ (2000 Nexus), i don't see anything on the display of the CDJ but I can send the track to the CDJ from the menus of the iPhone app. This left me baffled, because I expected to be able to browse the content of the iPhone directly from the CDJs as I do with a normal USB stick. Again, am I doing something wrong or is the software really so limited?

Finally, when I was playing the track a warning popup in the app told me that I would not have been able to see any waveform and so on. This was confirmed, on the display of the CDJ I could see only the bpm and nothing else. Pretty underwhelming I say...

I can't find many options and things in the app, so I'm asking here. If the things are as I understood them at the first glance then I'm sorry to say it but the rekordbox App is almost useless. I'm very disappointed and I hope that some of you can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. 

Julia O

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this app is bad, I have tried it in every way and cannot bring myself to use it 


  1. no, you have to export the whole track with the changes of import a track from your iTunes tracks and analyze and set cues on the phone

  2. yes, only WiFi, USB would be a lot better but theres some Apple crap Pioneer said that only allows them to do it over WiFi

  3. you can browse the phone from the cdm, press USB and you will see your phone as an option. I have done this before

  4. I get that warning from time to time too even though all my stuff is analyzed, I don't get it

I agree with your last statement, At this point, the app is almost useless. It doesn't even search properly the way the RB software on my Mac/PC does. Hopefully it is re-written one day and works well

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LOL thank you BriChi, app uninstalled now.

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