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Program this better so ONLY the track changed synchronize

There has to be a better way to synchronize and update collections with cue points

  1. I make 1 cue change and now my entire playlist, and any playlist that track exists in has to re sync, very unnecessary and time wasted and it ONLY synchronizes tracks in playlists, it doesn't look at tracks in the main collection view, I add tracks to my library but not to a playlist and it does not sync those tracks

  2. When I plug in my drive and "update collection" from 1 cue created on a party, it locks up RB for 5 minutes while it re-syncs every cue again instead of just the 1 I changed'


there has to be someone that can figure out a flag system to ONLY sync changes that were made, not re-sync the entire collection or playlists 


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Here here. As usual we have the bones of something half decent that should work, but is littered with bugs!

I've built intel playlists but havent exported them or used them via link o0n the cdj yet, I get the impression from other posts it'll be 1 step forward, but 2 back yet again...


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I did a few tests a few moments ago, and it appears to scan the entire playlist but only exports newly added tracks the the removable media.  Considering RB uses one XML format for pretty much everything playlist and track related, it probably pushes out the entire thing each time, even though the track info does not change.  I betcha this is why certain products have a 10k track limitation, too... sigh!

This looks an architectural limitation and I don't see any way around that without embedding cues/waveform information into the track (what Traktor does) and keeping each playlist as it's own XML file.  I feel this is ultimately a better way to go, and really the cues/hotcues and loops should be stored in a dedicated per-playlist XML with the embedded track data holding the most recent example.  Things would be much more portable and easier to use if it were...

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