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Relocating Music Files

Hi all,

I have done much research and know that there are topics that cover the "Relocation of Music" question. I have not come across any with my situation and even saw Brichi's video demo. So here it goes.

I have all of my music in 4 Folders totalling about 7500 tracks in all on my "C:\Users\Sergio\Music\My DJ Music" folder. I have purchased a 1TB External Portable hard drive. I want to remove all music off of my laptop and move to the New external hard drive. I want to make sure that all info from Rekordbox (analyzed info, date added, setting, etc...) remains the same without reprocessing anything. My External Drive is named "The Music (M)"

Sorry if sound repetitive, but your inputs are well appreciated.

Thank you

Sergio D

Dj Sergio D

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