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Missing Waveforms after migrating DB from old to new laptop



I just bought a new Laptop, and transferred my database following this article :  http://forums.pioneerdj.com/entries/20658308-migrating-your-rekordbox-database

I actually did all of this on my own without reading the article, and it worked pretty good overall, excep for one thing : I've lost my BeatGrids! I still see all tracks infos, cue points and hot cue/loops, but the waveform of the track is empty. At first I told myself: Oh well, i'll just re-scan everyting... In he process, RekordBox crashed twice, and after the second time, it reverted to my original database right after the copy. Meaning, All 6000 tracks re-analysed so far lost their beatgrids again, and my 450 tracks relocated are missing again.

Since I can't seem to re-analyse my tracks without the software crashing big time, i'll need a way to re-import all my properly scanned beatgrids from my old laptop.



Rekordbox 2.2.0

Windows7 x64 Ultimate



Rekordbox 2.2.0

Windows8.0 x64

Please Help ASAP, i've got a gig in 48 hours.


Thank you,


Dj LifeStream

Dj LifeStream

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hello gavin? pulse? where are u when we need you? the above has happened to me and my question about migrating (which was addressed to you pulse) remains unanswered after a month. 

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