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Missing Features? 50-69bpm support/grouping/label convert on drag & drop

3  features I'm trying to really wrap my head around is

1) support for bpm lower than 70. You can manually enter it in after a couple tries after editing the tag in rekordbox which is a decent workaround but there's no beatgrid support for these numbers essentially

2) There's no Grouping column support? Pretty common column in iTunes for the last 5+ years

3) Seems like the convert "grouping to label" only works when you use the "Bridge" function but doesn't work when you drag & drop a song directly from iTunes. Upon realizing this I have to search every song in library and fill in the empty label now. I dislike working with the small section of bridge compared to simply using the full iTunes app. Also I noticed something else. Some of the folders are not searchable. It's as if there's no tracks in the main playlist folders. For instance if you had - Hip Hop->90's/Mainstream .- If you started from the top Hip Hop Folder it's like it doesn't see anything below it. You have to go directly to the mainstream playlist. There's no folder or sub playlist support. Searching is also very laggy/slow.

Any chance any of these features actually coming in the upcoming builds or if there is a valid reason why these features aren't natively supported by now? Making the transition from Serato to rekordbox.

Dominic Carter

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Also will there be any way so that some kind of metadata gets saved to music files (mp3s etc). So we don't have to worry about losing all of the analyzing info + cue points & loops? I understand you can backup rekordbox etc but metadata is king and just overall a little bit more bulletproof right?

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