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Best Way To Avoid Missing Files Due to id3/file name changes

As music is constantly evolving I'm always constantly changing mp3 id3 info / tracks names / genres etc. Trying to get into a good pattern to make these changes without receiving the dreaded "missing file" error. I know there's a certain path that rekordbox follows but I was curious if anyone has come up with a system personally to avoid these issues. Perhaps, closing rekordbox while making id3 changes (does this need to happen?), making those id3/track name changes from within rekordbox itself and then reload tags from there? visually iTunes has always been the better choice for me to edit id3 info/smart playlists etc. I'm coming over from serato & the same issue is there as well but at least with serato you can simply opt to read from iTunes. I ended up making all of my playlists/sets in iTunes just to bulletproof any chances of missing files. Only downfall is, you can't make playlists on the fly with that method. I tried just reloading/dragging and dropping the files into rekordbox after them being edited but rekordbox sees the songs as completely new files, therefore all of the cue points/loops are lost. So you have to really "find missing files" every single time. Really want to use rekordbox solely but some of the shortcomings are a constant pain at the moment. Hopefully some of these issues are addressed or maybe there's a solution I don't know about currently. Thoughts?

Dominic Carter

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