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Change beatgrid on exported files

So i have 2 laptops with difrent files on it.

I exported a part of my collection from laptop1 to a USBkey.

I plugged this in laptop2 and opened it with rekordbox, i can see all the tracks, cues,...

Adding new cuepoints is no problem, but i cannot change the beatgrid from these tracks on laptop2.

(Rekordbox says that it's not possible to change the beatgrid of exported files)

So is there a way i can change the beatgrid on laptop2? (without parallel databases, because of the amount of files)

I tried importing the file from usb into laptop2's rekordbox, but it didn't use the cues/grid/... from the USBkey.

I don't think i am the only one with this problem?

I think of comming to a gig without the computer (with Original file on it) and just find out that the beatgrid isn't right.


Hope one of you knows the answer or the pioneer-engineers can fix this small issue?

(I repeat: parallel databases is no solution for me)




Ken Van Bouwel

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