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[SOLVED] Requests for Rekordbox

Hi there!,

First of all id like to say keep up the good work!

I have been a Pioneer user for 12 years, and don't want anything else!

I have a few requests that I believe would be handy to include in Rekordbox.


An audio recorder, using a sound card input, with the capability of tagging or splitting

the mix. Would save so much time for us!


Midi sync. I currently use the midi output of the DJM800 to send midi clock data to Ableton.

It works, but its not perfect. If Rekordbox could send the midi data, would mean hardly no lag

(at least on my setup, where Rekordbox and ableton run on the same Mac)


Anyway, if someone has already come up with this, sorry!


Edward Aubrey

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Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately I don't see either being implemented as the software itself doesn't handle audio during a session, only data - the players handle the audio. As for the MIDI, again, rekordbox is only a data manager and doesn't actually do anything with clock, so MIDI would have no function.

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