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How to: Rekordbox on multiple computers with dropbox (Simpler Method - Windows Only)

I've read Pulse's guide on how to sync rekordbox on multiple computers using dropbox, which is great - but I think I've come up with a simpler solution. It will however not work for as many users - but I thought I should post it anyhow.



A. Windows only (I have very little experience with OSX)

B. Requires multiple partitions or hard drives with the same letter assignment on all computers (the chosen drive letter is available as a storage drive on all computers)

C. You must store all of your music files within your dropbox folder

D. Is probably not suited for mega sized libraries



1. Open Dropbox prefrences and move the Dropbox folder to: D:\Dropbox (or E: or F: or whatever letter your secondary partition / hard drive is)

2. Create the folder D:\Dropbox\rekordbox

3. Open Rekordbox prefrences and set the analyzed files path to D:\Dropbox\rekordbox (your analyzed files will now be moved - if they're not do it manually)

4. Relocate all music files

5A. Export your rekordbox library (file->library->backup) and put it anyhere in your Dropbox folder

5B. Repeat the steps above for all computers you want to share the rekordbox database with - but instead of exporting the database in step 5A (file->library->backup), you import it on all of the other computers (file->library->restore), and voila, the path to the artwork and the analyzed files are correct and synced on all computers.

Remember: Every time you've worked with rekordbox on a computer and made changes to the database you must export the database (file->library->backup) to your dropbox folder to make it accessible for the other computers - so it can be imported the next time you want to work with rekordbox on another computer.


I have not yet run into the problem of Rekordbox complaining about a missing license key, as Pusle mentioned - why I don't know.


Hope this helps someone!

Anton Lundberg

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