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Are My Tag tags searchable/accessible on CDJs?

The ability to create custom tags on Rekordbox 3 (My Tag) is potentially really useful. But are these tags accessible on the CDJs, whilst playing out? I expected there would be a way to access them via the menu in the same way you can access tracks by Artist, Track, Genre, etc. But so far I haven't found a way to do this.

For example I'd like to create a tag such as '909 snare' for a bunch of tracks. Then when I'm playing be able to quickly access everything with that tag on the CDJ.

Is this possible?

Or are they only intended for searching within Rekordbox?

I could do this with Colour Tags also, but seems like you can only have the 9 different preset colour tags.. which is not enough..

Samuel Gieben

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I know this is a long time after to reply, but what I did was set up Intelligent Playlists for each of my "My Tags", and also created one My Tag called "Active" that determined whether the track should be included in the playlist or not, so I've got at least three criteria in each Intelligent Playlist, for example:

My Tag contains "Active"
My Tag contains "Progressive" AND
Rating > 0

This enforces me to rate all my tracks (which is a good thing), and also lets me turn tracks "on" or "off", and lets those intelligent playlists easily export as regular playlists to my USB stick.

Now I no longer have to worry about setting up playlists - they do it themselves based on My Tag. Hope this helps - even if it is quite a bit late. :)

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You can automatically add My Tags to the comments (Preferences > Advanced > Browsing) and then browse by them on CDJs : )

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