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[TICKETED] Transfering wrong tracks

Ok. So im a proffesional dj, and my computer crashed in ibiza. Now im trying to prepare for a gig with my backup computer. I installed rekordbox 3.01, and i copied the Whole rekordbox collection from my sd card on to my computer, and reimported it into rekordbox. 

All the tracks from my sd, seem to be there.

Now im playing Turkey tomorrow, and im closing Space Ibiza after Groove Armada on sunday. 

Im desperately trying to export some new playlists to my "old" sd cards. Everytime i do this, some tracks in the playlists, will be something completely different than the title says. 

I saw an older thread discussing this, but it didnt seem to give any solution to the problem, other than use a different usb drive or sd card. 

Obviously i could play from my old sd cards, and go buy a new usb device for the newer music, but that kinda defeats the point of having this system in the first place. 

Is there a solution for this?



rune reilly kolsch

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I'm having this exact issue right now with USBs.  I feel like this keeps happeningon both my macbook pro and my mac mini desktop.  I can't believe Pioneer hasn't tried to respond or address this issue.  This is a serious issue...I mean one of the most basic functions that if I were programming this software I'd have in.  Track A loaded to USB/SD card Track A plays, Track A information shown.  Did Pioneer comment directly to you Kolsch?  Anyone know how to fix this?

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Much like an iPhone won't sync with an iTunes library that it does not normally sync with, an export device will not allow you to import the music to a computer that didn't export it in the first place. It's to prevent database corruption as well as music piracy regulation.

You CAN still recover the data from the device and import it, but you're best to do that through the file explorer / finder.

Pioneer addressed this by offering the ability to backup your library, but it would seem users are ignoring this function (as well as general backups, like a TimeMachine backup).

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Engineers have asked for the following info / files:

  • Database in his computer and the SD card. 
    If he uses Mac, the database of his Mac can be found from home directory -> Library -> Pioneer -> rekordbox. 
    Please send us the following 2 files. 

If the library folder is not shown, select “Go to folder...” from “Go…” in the Finder. 

Then enter “~/Library” to find Library folder.

Database in SD card can be found in the folder PIONEER/rekordbox. 

Please send us the file below. 


If you cannot find the PIONEER folder in an SD card, it may be a hidden file. 

In such a case, run "Terminal" from "Launchpad" on Mac and input the command below to show the hidden file. 

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE 

killall Finder

Then, you will be able to see ".PIONEER" folder and send us the export.pdb in the rekordbox file.

If you want to hide the file again, please input the text below. 

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE 

killall Finder 

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