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Problems with Remotebox

Recently having problems with remotebox disconnecting from my R1 and unable to load tracks using the app/R1 when remotebox is on unless I restart it but it happens continuously and it's getting frustrating. I have tried all the troubleshooting methods (uninstall/reinstall, using channel 1,6 & 11 for wifi, changing security/password) without any success. I am at FW 1.10.


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I have almost the same problem, Since the update to IOS 8 on my ipad 2 the app and my adj-r1 blocks. Sometimes after 1 hour and sometimes after 2 hours. When I restart the xdj, the level out is much louder than before. I've tested this on two different xdj's with both FW 1.10. Is Pioneer familiar with this problem? And If not will there be an update for ios 8 just like in macrch 2014 there was one for ios 7.1.2?

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