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Problems with rekordbox synching and license

Hi Folks

I searched the forums up and down but didn't got any wiser so I have to open this issue now. hopefully someone can point my nose in the right direction.

After setting up synchornisation (dropbox) between two computers for rekordbox I ran into the following problems:

  • Waveform gone on the "Slave" Machine (master seems ok)

  • No Beatgrid Data, though BPM are set (maybe from file-tag). Makes sense for me in combination with the first point

  • Invalid License Key. Every time I start up rekordbox I have to enter that darn key. It's recognized until the next SYNC (starting it multiple time on the same computer works)


Setup:- I'm running in Windows 7 x64

  • Both systems have the library (music files) at the same location (same drivename and path)

  • Both Systems have the same version of rekordbox


I found this in the readme section:

"- you MUST use the exact same username on the new computer as you do on the old; changes may result in lost waveform and cuepoint data"

This is the only thing I can imagine is wrong as I don't have the same user, BUT I also have no way to use the same one here.

Pulse can you maybe elaborate (in technical terms) why this has to be the same user? So far it makes no sense for me, but if I understand it I might find a way around it...


Final Question. Is this user-name problem the reason for the aforementioned issues or are there maybe other things wrong here?

Thanx for any kind of help.


Primus Infinity

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The reason the username must be identical is the path to the database must be identical when using this unsupported sync method between two computers. If you break the path, things like the waverform and beatgrid are missing. So basically your problems are all down to the one thing you haven't done. ;)

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Thanx for the reply Pulse, much appreciated.

But this actually means that one will never be able to transfer any rekordbox database from one computer to another if you can't set the username the same which in my case is not just a technicallity but a security based problem...

If I get you right, this also comes down to the fact that as soon as you have built up your rekordbox library you will never be able to change your username again, because this will also let you loose the Waveforms, Grids and Cues...

Is this true?

If I'm not mistaken that's not a "unsupported" sync task problem, but a general one for migration to a new computer as well... :(

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be a PITA, but seriously concerned about quite a lot of hours of efford put into this which will sooner or later persish and has to be done again... please tell me there is another way :(  (apart from waiting for rekord buddy being available on windumb :) )

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Allright, I got the data synching problems solved so far. If you set the AppData path to the right user, "running as" will fix the problems with the waveforms and and database. So as I'm not able to acutally run the two computers witht he same account I can setup the same user and just run rekordbox with the shared user and I'm fine.

Unfortunately there's still one BUT :) The annyoing wrong license key message still pops up and grinds my gears... Is there maybe another folder that need to be synched here to fix this or do you have any idea why this is still popping up? After all everything is now at the same path, same user etc...

Thx in advance for any hints and the help so far!

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Hi Pulse

Finally I got all the issues solved so I'll post a conclusion here for the case anyone else is running into the same problems and likes them fixed as well.

Feel free to take any of this into your guides if you think it appropriate. What I would advise is, that either the guide for the DropBox Sync gets a link/referenece to the migration Guide as well or you just add the info about the same user name issue to the DB-Sync Guide. I read the Sync post carefully before trying anything but wasn't aware of the username issue. Maybe others will make the same mistake...

The two separate problems stated in my original post both originate from the same source: running under a different username.

If you're only migrating to a new computer with a new username just follow part B and ignore part A. In this case you will see the "invalid license" message only once, enter your key again and you're done.


Part A: solving the license problem

This problem occurs because the license file is specific to your username not only in location but unfortunately also in it's encryption.


Instead of simply creating a SymLink from the Pioneer/rekordbox folder into your dropbox (as in the guide), you create several symlink for the files and folders in this specific folder EXCEPT the license file.

I recommend using this small ShellExtension on Windows: http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html#download

It makes creating multiple symlinks very easy and can handle folders AND files.

Given the circumstance that your dropbox-folder already contains the rekordbox data do the following:

Create Symlinks from your dropbox content (all files in the screenshot EXCEPT the license file) into your local rekordbox folder:

"C:\Users[actual username]\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox"

COPY the license file from dropbox to the local rekordbox folder

With this done, each computer will sync all the rekordbox files per dropbox, BUT has its own license file.


Part B: solving the username / database problem

This is very easy and straight forward:

Create a symlink in "C:\Users" with your OLD (or shared) username that points to your actual user profile "C:\Users[actual username]"

Also make sure, that the path in the rekordbox settings matches the path to the old/shared userprofile.


just for clarification:

  • actual username refers to the username you're actually logged in on windows

  • old username refers to the username you built your rekordbox database on which would be on the "old" or other computer.


Sorry for the wall of text but I hope I'll spare some people some hours of swearing and crawling the webz :)


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