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Relocate Missing Files not working?

Hi I have looked through and cannot find a post that is similar..  All i know is my rekordbox library is reporting loads of files missing. This is because i moved the root folder to a diff part of the same drive. 

The issue is i have put the folder back in its entirety and it still wont locate my files??

I have not renamed anything - so this should work right?

When you choose files - relocate missing files - it shows you the OLD path yes?

The path that the file WAS in.. well that path now exists and its not finding anything. :(

Help appreciated i have way too many to do one by one...




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Ok I found what i had to do.... you have to select ALL tracks to locate at once - then choose the location of one.

It then prompts you if you want to use that location to look for the others and we are golden....


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