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Android Rekordbox App small enhancements request

Hi there, using Rekordbox 1.2.1 App on a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-9506 running Android 4.3. I have a couple of observations from initial user experience that might be small & easy enhancements to implement?

  1. I prefer to Import via the App by Artist. However, I noticed that after importing the tracks for the first 10 Artists displayed, when I selected an Artist from the next 11-20 displayed in the list & their tracks to Import, going back via either the Android or Rekordbox back button returned me to the top of the Artist list, ie. the first 10 displayed. It would be perhaps more useful to return to the previous position in the Artist list with the Artist just selected displayed? Otherwise, say if you're working through the Artists 1-by-1 & selecting an Artist starting with S to Import their tracks, when you go back to the Artist List it will return you to the top of the List with Artists beginning with A- or Numbers or Symbols- and you have to scroll back down all the way to the Artist starting with S to select the next Artist. This reduces the usefulness of the Import by Artist Name function.

  2. Some indication in the Import function of what tracks have already been Imported might also be useful? Maybe highlighted in Pioneer Red like the tracks you're selecting to be Imported become highlighted in Blue? And at a stretch, perhaps the Date & Time of the most recent Import?

I'll also submit this via the Product Suggestion link on the top right of this Forum. Appreciate your time & consideration! :)

David Appleseed

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