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Rename playlist issue

I'm writing here because of an issue Ive noticed when you are on your playlists and go to search and you click back on your playlist the software is wanting you to rename the list. From this issue I've not payed attention and lost some names I've created in this software. I see it doesn't happen when you are in the list only happens on the actually name of the folder

Marc Bauman

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yes sir, same issue I noticed from day 1 and it is really annoying, For me its on my Mac, not sure if you're running mac or pc but I can easily reproduce this with these steps

  1. click on a playlist

  2. go and do a search or something in the search box

  3. do what you want with the results

  4. go and click back on that SAME playlist from step 1 and it goes into a rename state

Please fix this soon Pioneer, thanks

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