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Windows 8 + Hyper-v breaks rekordbox + prolink

I'd love some input from your engineers.  I'm a Systems/Network Admin by trade and use a MSI Windows 8.1 laptop to run rekordbox with 2x CDJ-2000 and 1x DJM-2000 connected by network cables and have had next to zero issues with my setup.  Until I installed Hyper-V so I could visualize additional OS's on my hardware,

Instaling Hyper-v (and other hypervisors, though I haven't tested with VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation but I assume the end result is the same) adds a vEthernet Port which for some reason, Rekordbox will not recognize or utilize.  I.e.  When hyper-v is installed I never get a "Link" light in rekordbox. As soon as I uninstall the Hyper-v feature, I launch rekordbox and the link comes right up.

Do the engineers have any suggestions or a possible work around?

Rev Dj RaZorslave

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