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Rekordbox - CDJ2000s randomly going out of sync and playing tracks on their own


since three weeks, haven't done any update or changed anything about my djing configuration in this time frame that I can remember, Rekordobx and my 2 cdj 2000 players are behaving very erratically to say the least.

I run rekordbox on my laptop which is connected to the domestic lan through wifi, while my CDJ 2000 are connected through the lan cable. I run Rekordbox through the link feature and my tracks are stored on an external usb disk drive. I use the master - sync feature as well if that changes something. Rekorbox is updated to version 3.0.1, while the cdj 2000 players are on version 1.22. Today to minimize even further the risk of facing again this problem I stopped all background applications and was only running Rekordbox and Audacity on my laptop.

To the problem itself, during a set at random time (usually in the first 30 minutes, but last week I faced the problem after one hour) the system starts to throw in sounds from the track that is on the other sometimes paused or at least silenced (through the mixer) player on top of the master track and then apart from ruining totally the set the entire system goes out of sync even though the sync function is still enabled and wasn't touched. Today I managed to actually record the problem, I was 20 minutes in the mix, all previous transition went smoothly and then for whatever reason the player currently on starts to play the track that was paused in the other player for a couple of seconds, also if it changes something the part played was not from the point where the track was paused. You can hear the issue at minute 6.00 of the file in attachment.

The only problem I had sometimes in the past is that Rekordbox would sometime fail to find both players even though they were both correctly connected to the lan, but disconnecting the player not found or just restarting Rekordbox was usually enough to fix it.

Also with this same setup I was able until last month to record a 2 hour mix without issue, so I am really puzzled about what is going on: https://soundcloud.com/trancealert/dj-mercury-august-mix-2014

Have tried to find a thread with a similar problem here, but could't find it and the FAQ didn't help. Anybody has a clue?


Ivan Laube

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