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Setting memory points does not work

I need some help with the following problem:


Currently using the latest version of Rekordbox 2.2.4.

I want to set memory points, but they don't work.

To be more specific. When I click on the memory button, only a memory point is set on the beginning of the track, no matter where I am in the track,

When I click the button than once again, nothing happens. 


So only a memory point in the beginning of the track.

And no possiblity to make other memory points.


I would love to hear a solution,



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you have to hit cue first to set the actual cue point in the part of the track you want and then hit memory.

  1. play track to desired point to set the cue
  2. pause track
  3. press cue
  4. press memory

or use shortcuts "C" then "M" for cue memory

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Thanks so much BriChi. That works! 

I was clearly doing something wrong. Cheerz ;-)

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