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Problem Importing Playlists from my usb's to my rekordbox library

basically i accidentally deleted my whole database without backing up. ive added all the files back into my collection. 

Every time i try and import a playlist an error pops up saying

'Cannot import the playlist: ________ All songs in the list do not exist in the collection or the list is empty.'

someone help me please! i cannot start all over!

thanks in advance


Richard Tracey

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Same problem here, did anybody manage to sort this out?

Andrew Milner 0 votos
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same here since updating to RB 3.0  -- exactrly the same.

I can still use the playlists on the players but I cannot import them so have to create them anually again. Obviously this does not life easier...


So, what's up?

Roeland Jansen 0 votos
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