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Sync Manager Checking Playlists hangs rekordbox

I just bought 2000nexus this week and have migrated my library to rekordbox, all good. library worked fine off HDD on decks.

Now, when i plug in my HDD  into my Mac, its says 'Sync Manager Checking Playlists' and it pretty much just stops there.  i have a lot of music on the HDD, around 100 playlists.  but it was fine on the deck.

  • killing rekordbox, restarting, still doesn't stop this annoying message
  • rebooting mac

There is no sync manager running, but maybe it has an old sync its trying to do, no activity on HDD so its some kind of hand or glitch.  no CPU is being used.

Rekordbox is now pretty much inoperable - some help would be great



David Biggs

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sync manager box has been an issue for me too, they improved it a little but if I rename or add a playlist it hangs again for a minute or 2 before the actual sync starts

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