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Migrating to new location bulk relocate issue



I have transferred my collection over to a new laptop running windows 8. I followed the instructions and got all my settings etc across as well but I have an issue. I have been trying to tell Rekordbox the location of the music on the new laptop and it won't do it in bulk. I have followed instructions and guides online but im not having any luck, it will only let me locate the tracks one by one.

I have my music stored on a drive called music, then subfolders organised by month are directly in there. The subfolders are exactly the same as on my previous computer, the only difference is that instead of being in a folder on my hard drive, they are now on a drive of their own. It this what could be causing the issue? Does anybody have a way to work around this?

I really don't want to have to sit here and find nearly 3500 tracks one at a  time!

Thanks for any help.


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