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[SOLVED] Importing playlist and copying out of rekordbox


I'm not gonna fill in the form again because I know it is rekordbox.

In the previous versions, if you dragged a couple of files from rekordbox to a folder (to make a copy of it to send it for example) it would copy the tracks and paste it in the desired folder. When I do it now it just moves my music to the folder, without making a copy. This results in files not being located anymore by rekordbox..

Then IF you want to relocate the tracks again (let's say a couple of hundred), you have to go over EACH file and select where it is located. Seriously Pioneer, you know how much time it will take to manually add the new location of the files to it? Why can't we just select a folder where the files are currently in and let rekordbox sort out which track is which? (Hint: filesize, md5)


The last thing:

When are we finally able to import playlists from a device? You know that the 'put it on the same location' isn't convenient for us especially  when we switch OS..

Your players are perfect, but  rekordbox instead..

DJ HeroS

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@HeroS > The engineers found a bug in 3.0.1 which was not in 3.0.0. This will be fixed in the next update.

If you use the Library Backup and Restore function, you can easily migrate music files from your library even when switching OS's.

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