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Update Suggestions for Rekordbox...

  1. It would be cool if there was a feature that deletes the songs in a playlist off of whatever drives you are connected to instead of just deleting the playlist title. Along with the feature to ask if you want any songs deleted if they are in any other playlist on the same drive.

  2. The color code in the software (i.e. Red, Blue, Aqua....etc) should be able to be assigned to the corresponding player jog wheel. If you have a track marked Red, the jog wheel should be red.

  3. Rekordbox should be turned into a mixing program compatible with all controllers. I just feel that would eliminate a lot of confusion with crossing products.

  4. There should be a way to format drives from the software.

  5. A tap tempo function with manual grid placing for mapping songs with tempo changes. This will give better tempo accuracy for mapping live music like old Disco and Soul.

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I would like to see a TRUE iPad App for Rekordbox. Today it is a larger (2x) iPhone App. there is so much more room to add things on iPad and everyone else is making something and releasing it.

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