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[OPEN] need help !!! pls !!! cdj2000 nxs + netgear fs108+rekordbox on win 7

hello guys,im quite a newbie to networking !!!!

i buyed a netgeat fs 108 switch to connect my 2 x cdj 2000 nxs with rekordbox(on a windows 7 ultimate acer notebook)

do i need to do any network settings???like to set ip's,dns....

before i used a wirleless one ,2-3 nights i was ok but after the players start disapering from rekorbox link (after 1 hour ,maybe more of playng music with them)....same happend also with the cable connection !!!

i understand that i need to disable my antivirus and also the firewall when im using them,its true???

thanks in advance 


Radu Oanta

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You should disable the wireless and firewall -- or at least configure the firewall to permit the rekordbox traffic through. Chances are this is where your problem originates.

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