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Adjusting Beat grid in Recordbox

I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure this out and I have read the manual and searched online for the answer. I am trying to adjust the beat grid at multiple points in the track. I alight the beat grid on the first beat and then halfway dow the track the grid is drifting further away from the beat. I want to adjust the grid at this point BUT not affect the beat grid BEFORE this point...

So I click on the "Adjustment from the current position" button BUT when I do the buttons to shift the whole beat grid left & right are grayed out. That only leaves the "Shrink beat intervals" & "Expand beat intervals" buttons available for adjustments. When I uses these two buttons to align the beat grid and throws the rest of the track off where every few beats I am having to re-adjust with this same two buttons and the track is never right again.

Why cannot not just adjust the beat grid with the "Shift beat grid" arrow buttons after I click on the "Adjustment from the current position" button? How can I adjust the beat grid all the way down the track without affecting the adjustments I have already made? Please advise!

Jim Slaton

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