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Upgraded router and Linksys wifi router, now link button will not show up.


  I recently got a new router from comcast, at the same time my linksys wifi router died, so I bought a new one of those, before I had no issues, with the following connection. From a Comcast router -> lan into the old linksys wifi router -> lan cable from that into a basic hub. Then to the hub I connected:

cdj2000 x 2


Since the new comcast router arrived, the linksys died, so I bought a new one, this is the equipment now:

Comcast router Arris TG862->

Linksys ACL1200+

Netgear FS108 Fast Ethernet switch (Hub)

The hub is the same, the lan connections are the same. When I connect the DJM-900 nexus, the driver window pops up on my PC (Win7 64), and I can play through rekordbox, through the mixer.

However when I turn the CDJs on, the link button does not appear in the rekordbox 3.0.0 bottom left hand corner. This is also the same for my old rekordbox 2.2.4.

However when i remove the CDJ-2000 lan cable from the hub and plug it directly into the back of the linksys wifi router, it works?


Has anyone a solution, which enables me to continue to use the hub, I do not want to use up all my ports (4) on the linksys, which is why I got the 8 port hub.




Tony Higgins

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OK I found a solution, the new Comcast router, also had 4 ports, I lied above, one went into the linksys and one went into the hub, I change the one going directly into the hub, to go from linksys -> hub and after restarting the CDJs it worked fine. I believe this is something screwy with Comcast's router setup.

/breathes again.


Hopefully this helps someone else.

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Thanks for posting back.

When you connect devices to different routers, they end up being in different "places" (I'll just say that for simplification of the network jargon) and they don't "talk to each-other" very well across those different "places."

Best to connect everything to one router.

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