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Pioneer DDJ-T1 Backspin/Cue Button Issue

Hello there!

I just went from Traktor 2.0 to Traktor 2.1.2 and I was actually enjoyed to see the news tweaks added in there!

But I discovered one annoying things with the new one.


When I was on T2.0 I was able** to do a backspin and press the cue button to stop the track.**

It seems to be not possible anymore on the new version... In fact when I press the jog or doing backspin things or anything else with my hand on the jog the cue button doesn't stop the track anymore, I have to press the PLAY button to do the same thing as the CUE button did in the past. Otherwise the cue button stops the track when I don't get my hand and the jog like the normal way.

Is there a way to change that? I'm accustomed to play in clubs with a regular Pioneer clubbing equipment and I got used to press the CUE button to stop my tracks and it's a lil bit annoying to have to change this after many many years of doing that in this way 

Finnaly I want to do some apologizes for my incorrect english, I'm a native french speaker and I know that I make some grammar/syntax mistakes when I'm writing in english!

Thanks in advance!

Good Evening,



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