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Cdj 2000 nxs freezing/sync issues/auto cue issues.

Bought myself a lovely pair of Cdj 2000'nx's after my Cdj 900's where giving me problems.
So far I'm a bit disappointed as was renting Mk1's in the mean time wile my 900's was in for repair and fell in love with them, so I
Assumed the nxs would be just as good and better, firstly there was no hid support so had to transfer and update all my music to rekordbox, which crashed numerous times.

When playing with the 2XNxs through a LAN switch and the iOS app any track over 40/50 mins freezes the deck error reads file format not supported, it's mp3 320kps, won't allow me to use CDs or dissconnecting have to reboot the deck.

When loading saved auto when pressed it takes a couple of secs to load causing a delay when hit,
is this normal..?

Have also problems with the sync function, just does not work rite even when my beatgrids are aligned.

At the minute I'm honestly can't see myself been able to bring the decks out to a club and do a full set.
Hopefully wee see a firmware update soon these issues have to be addressed after the price they was bought for.


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@Djcgamble > Unfortunately, it is up to the software providers to create HID support - the players are HID ready.

I'm sorry to hear you had issues with rekordbox. Were you on the latest version? What computer do you use and what are its specs?

The error you notice with the iOS app - were you trying to load a 40-50min track over that connection?

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@Gavin Yeh i know perfectly understandable, problems accoured with rekordbox 2.0.1 the latest version.

also have problems with my database as its saying fies are missing and not found asking me to reloacte them...?

The error was with tracks and sets i have mixed which are analysed on my iphone and work perfect just not on my cdj nexus's.

specs of my laptop: 


Model Name:

Sony Vaio FW56E

Processor & Chipset:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T6660 

Multi-Core Technology: Dual-Core 

64-bit Computing: Yes 


4 GB

Hard Disk Drive:

500 GB

Optical Drive:

BD-ROM - integrated


Display Type: 16.4" TFT 

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 

Widescreen Display: Yes 

Features: X-black, dual lamp 


Graphics Processor / Vendor: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 

Video Memory: 512 MB 


Networking: Network adapter 

Wireless LAN Supported: Yes 

Data Link Protocol: Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11n 

Compliant Standards: IEEE 802.11n 


Camera Type: Integrated 


Audio Input: Microphone 

Operating System: 

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition

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@djcgamble > Did you recently move tracks around in your library (windows folder structure)? If so, you'll need to tell rekordbox where you moved them to - hence the Missing Files notice.

There's probably some limit to exceptionally long tracks that are loading over a wifi connection. I'll have the engineers look into it.

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Thanks for the reply Gavin sorted the missing files exactly what happened didnt realise I had moved them. It was straight through USB connection to the nexus the files wouldn't load.
Hopefully the new update will sort alot of issues out.

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@djcgamble > Ok great, thanks for the info and update.

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