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CDJ 850 Autoloop

Hi everyone,

I recently got myself a pair of CDJ 850s after using CDJ 2000s in my local nightclub for a while, but I have a problem with them.

On the 2000s, the autoloop worked perfectly fine, but on my 850s, it never works!

I have all my tracks on USB sticks and analyzed in Rekordbox, but everytime I try the autoloop, the end of the loop isn't tight.

Even when I try to hit a 4 bar autoloop at the very first beat of the track (using autcue, so the first beat is accurate), the loop will sound like it's too long and "jump" at the end. I can even see the lights on the Jogwheel "jump" a little if that makes any sense.

This makes the autoloop function completely useless to me.

Can anyone help me with this problem?


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Oh wow. So the feature is completely useless? It works in the promo videos though.

Serious letdown.

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yeah, I am not 100% sure being I do not own the 850's, I just remember seeing something about the loop issue so i figured i would pas it along

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