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How do i recall a cue point or loop from rekordbox to xdj aero?

ive been setting up my primary cue point or loop on rekordbox - just like in the advert on my ipad!   But how do i then recall it from rekordbox to the xdj aero? - it doesnt seem to work.  And, is there any any way to save them whilst djimg?  This prep is taking a long time.


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thanks for that.   this is actually really frustrating... i dont understand why something so basic as setting at least one cue point has been omitted so far.  i watch the pioneer adverts and think that's a handy way of working.  isnt this false advertising?   on the mep7000 cue points are saved onto the usb stick.  im sure they can do the same here.   im so used to working with a single cue point or loop that its hard to go back.  you need to do quick mixing when playing some styles in a night - we all dont play just house/smooth blending in our residencies!!   hopefully they will sort this out very soon.  now im going to have to do more re edits in ableton so my sets sound the same.  more prep...

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