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[CLOSED] firmware 1.06 has now made previously analyzed tracks un-analyzed on my usb

I have today upgraded my firmware and where all tracks on the USB stick uploaded from rekordbox were analyzed the aero is now saying they are not. Please help

Carwyn Gurmin

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I'll look into this and see what changes have been made?

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@Carwyn > I apologise for the extreme delay in responding to this thread however I hope I can be of assistance (yet, I assume you have already resolved this issue).

The response from the engineers is as follows:

I am afraid we cannot sort out the cause of this issue because of the limited information in his post. 

We assume, however, corrupt DB files could be the cause.

If you really want to identify the cause of this issue, we will need to have the USB device with the DB files or the DB files to be sent from him. Then, we will be able to identify the cause and symptoms of this issue.

An alternative response to the user, my suggestion is as follows: 

・ Export the data to another USB memory device. 

・ Export the data after the same USB device is formatted. In this case, all the data in the device will be deleted.

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