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[CLOSED] Feature Request: XDJ-AERO Waveform


What the XDJ Aero is missing is some kind of waveform display of the track loaded.

I guess it should be possible the matrix display of the device, same as the NI Machine which also has Waveform display.

Another creative option would be to use the display of your Mobile phone combined with RekordBox.

If you own a xdj-aero, do vote if you find the observation useful.

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I think I already seen some other people requesting for it here, but I doubt Pioneer would ever do the second option soon (to use the display of the mobile with rekordbox mobile), even thinking this would be a GREAT idea.

Maybe that would be even not possible due to the need for XDJ to send the signal back to the mobile device in almost real time with all the current status from the playback. 

But for the first one, yes, that would be more possible. A waveform display just like the one that we find in the CDJ 1000s appearing in a firmware update would be a nice to have.

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From my limited understanding of the Rekordbox system, the waveform is part of the database, and so whilst it may be difficult to show the current playback position, I guess it WOULD be possible to show the waveform.


I'm looking to use Laptop, or ideally an Android Tablet as the user interface (searching and loading tracks), but as I'm on a 10" tablet, there is lots of screen space spare...

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