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[CLOSED] XDJ Aero playback problem with certain tracks


I have never this problem before and wondered if anyone else had experienced it.

I make a playlist in rekordbox and then I export the playlist from rekordbox to my usb stick as I have done loads of times, I plug the usb into the aero and find the playlist and start DJing and all is fine but then I come to a track which starts fine but then it cuts out after 30+ seconds, the timer is still counting but there is no sound at all. It does this with 4 tracks I have found so far.

I have reanalysed the certain tracks and deleted and remade the playlist but still the same thing happens when I try and play on the aero. They play fine on the computer.

Has anyone got any idea what this could be?



mike woodford

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@Mike > Does the problem only occur with these specific tracks?

Can you send them to me?

Gavin 0 votos
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