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When using my XDJ-R1 via Remotebox, tracks selected via USB HDD. I have LHS deck running at 130 bpm, I then select a track for RHS deck 2, tune loads no issues, sync is on, and in the headphones the tracks are beat matched. Looking at the display it still shows the original songs BPM, which is say 126BPM, regardless of this display the tracks are both at 130BPM. Now when I now run on RHS deck 2 (with the display showing 126BPM) and select a track for LHS deck 1, press sync the track actually syncs to the actual BPM of 130, not what the RHS deck 2 display is showing. Although in reality this is no issues as the tracks are beat matched but it be nice to have the displays equal. This does not happen every track. Is it something I'm doing wrong?

All tracks fully analysed via Rekordbox, with no issues.

Any help me appreciated

Andrew Leighton

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Not sure, but I wouldn't worry about it provided the BPMs are where you want them to be!

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