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[SOLVED] Xdj r1 pops and gain level meters freeze!

Ok I notice that when I was playing the other day I heard some pop sounds playing on the tracks. Now when I went to see the time frame it happen. I went back to them by back spinning the jog back to the time frame it happen. It still had the same pop from the time frame. But after awhile when I went back on the same time frame it stop the pop. Not sure what's that's about. Maybe rekordbox analyze got messed up? And another thing I also notice was the the gain meter will frezze up when am cueing the button a couple of time. After hitting the cue button a couple of time it goes away. With the pop sound I never had that before and it don't happen often. The freeze up gain meter on both channel happen a lot. Could it be a hardware issue? Or firmware? Thanks

Steven V

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If the pop exists on the track on a USB device but not within the rekordbox collection, it's possible the exported file is corrupted or the USB drive is damaged. Consider reformatting the export device (twice) and then try again.

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