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XDJ-R1 issue with volume faders


When I have the volume faders @ maximum and I touch it without changing its values, Remotebox shows a change in the volume fader I've made a video to show it:




I'm touching the faders, but im not decreasing the fader..  This change is minor, but on large sound systems we can hear the difference.

Please advise (I've just got the equipment from warranty repair)

thank you.

Ricardo Lopes Pereira

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Hi Ricardo,


I also had the exact same problem with the faders. You right thought at home its not really noticeable but playing out on large sound systems its VERY noticeable!


the only way i fixed mine was to get my unit replaced by my dealer, as i had multiple other issues too. the new unit is working fine......so far!

Hope you get it fixed.



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Good afternoon.


I have the same problem but without connecting the XDJ R1 to a iPhone / iPod.

When the volume fader is a max and I touch the fader mutes the music.

In Pioneer service technicans do not know how to help me.


Do you got rid of this problem ?

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