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[CLOSED] XDJ-AERO - No USB Connection possible (Windows Vista & Windows 7)

I just received my XDJ-Aero (FIRMWARE 3.0) and wanted to connect it with my laptop (Traktor 2.6.0.).

I Installed the drivers (Ver. 1.120) and everything seemed to be OK. But when I turn on the unit, it says "no connection"

and my laptop says "unknown device".

I tried it with my PC and got the same result. The Device manager says Error Code 29.

My Laptop has Windows Vista Premium installed and my PC Windows 7 Ultimate. So 2 different machines with 2 different OS so the problem might by on the XDJ-Aero.

I searched the whole net, but it seems I'm the only one who has this problem with the AERO...

Anyone here who can help me?

Manfred Trummer

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Please contact technical support via the links to the right for further assistance.

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